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Warning Signs and Symptoms of Colorectal Cancer

A sign is something you see, such as blood in your stool. It is a clue that something is wrong and you may have a disease. A symptom is usually something you feel like a pain in your abdomen (stomach area) that may also indicate something is wrong. Cancer that starts in different areas of the colon or in the rectum may cause different signs and symptoms. Research shows that when colorectal cancer is detected early, a patient has a much greater chance of complete recovery.

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Colon cancer - Know the warning signs and symptoms today.

How can colorectal cancers be treated?

These cancers are removed surgically. An operation is usually performed through an abdominal incision. The section of bowel containing the cancer along with the associated blood vessels and lymph nodes are removed. In most cases, the bowel is put back together or reconnected so that normal bowel function is restored.


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Here at UT Medical Center's Colon and Retal Building, you can be positive that you are in good hands with our physicians. Dr. Casillas and Dr. Russ are both professionals in their field, and specialize in this line of work. Find out more about each individual physician on the "Our Physicians" page now!

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Training general surgery residents allows the University Colon & Rectal surgeons to teach future surgeons on the latest techniques. By leading the advances in colon and rectal surgery, our surgeons stay at the forefront of colorectal surgery.

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A Message from Our Physicians

We hope that you find this website helpful and informative. As specialists in colorectal surgery, we are very aware that people find it difficult to discuss or attend to colon and rectal problems that they may be experiencing. That is why our office is very focused on making you feel comfortable and relaxed about your treatment. Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

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